Carthusia Fragrances

Carthusia Fragrances


Fragrance from Capri. (100ml).? Learn more about Carthusia Fragrances and why they are specail to Abrahams Store here.


Mediterraneo, Uomo, Fiori di Capri, Io Capri, Corallium, Aria di Capri, Terra Mia, Ligea La Sirena


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Coming form the fabulous island of Capri, Carthusia fragrances are stunningly different and our latest addition to our Italian collection.

Carthusia has put into practice its centuries-old knowledge in order to develop a culture of perfume unique in the world. Over the years, it has refined its mastery over the olfactory senses, perfecting and structuring its discernment of essences, in order to grant patrons the purest and most titillating emotions. Nowadays, as was done in the past, all stages of production are carried out by hand to guarantee accurate application of the natural methods involved, and the exquisite care of traditional craftsmanship.

Carthusia Fragrances at Abrahams Store

We love Capri ! For me the most perfect place in the world is Axel Munthe’s villa, San Michele. Not only are the interiors perfect but so too is the panoramic view out across the Bay of Naples. Munthe’s taste translated into the most spectacular collection of ancient artefacts and his design flair ensured they are displayed in an intimate setting; no rooms too large for objects to be ‘lost’ or small to be too ‘in your face’. Learn more about Villa San Michele here. I also love Terra Mia, ‘My Country’, one of the range of eight Carthusia fragrances from Capri which we stock in Abrahams Store. This particular fragrance is the newest of the collection but the brand dates back to 1948. Learn more about Carthusia Fragrances here.

Carthusia fragrances are recommended as follows;

Aria di Capri       For Women

Ligea la Sirena  For Women

Uomo                  For Men

Corallium           Unisex

Flori di Capri      Unisex

Io Capri              Unisex

Mediterraneo     Unisex

Terra Mia           Unisex

However these fragrances are versatile, so you decide !


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