Block of Alum

Block of Alum


100g block in a plastic box.

Ingredients – Pottasium Alum.

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This 100g block of alum from?Geo F Trumper is a natural aftershave and is an astringent which stops bleeding, soothes abrasion and prevents infection. Due to its properties Alum has been used for millenia. It is used by boxers to stem bleeding and you can often see trainers applying it between rounds. Not much of a pugilist, JAC says “for me it is a my first choice – seconds out.”

Geo F Trumper themselves say “Regarded as the original aftershave, Alum is a mineral stone that contains exceptional natural properties to soothe the skin after shaving. Just dampen the block and gently stroke over the face.”

This product is made of? 100% potassium alum.? A note here :This is not the alum that is often a constituent of deodorants and about which there is some controversy regarding safety, those are?Aluminium Chloride and Aluminium Chlorohydrate.? Molecules of Potassium Alum are too large to be absorbed by the skin and therefore only sit on the surface to give a healthy astringent and antibacterial layer.

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